The outcry against Dumsor in Ghana has risen to its maximum following the recent sudden load shedding that is supposed to last approximately twelve hours in almost all places at different times.

Recently Ghana has received massive changes in regard to its electricity. Which from the onset looked fulfilling as Ghanaians heaved a sigh of relief with power transfer from ECG to PDS

But the current changes in shifts have made Ghanaians condemn the acts of PDS which they claim has been a distasteful thing to swallow. Whilst series of information are being put forward with various stake holders giving their own version to the issue at hand, many Ghanaians feel more can be done looking at the higher cost of tariffs being taken from them and are expecting to get value for their money and thus are putting pressure on government to act as quickly as possible

However authorities from the Energy Ministry has come out to give a clear description of what was causing the problem citing “the situation is not due to lack of money or fuel as there is sufficient fuel to power generating plants at TOR” .

Describing it as a high technical fault that will take at least twelve days to fix. This news however didn’t sit well with many Ghanaians as this was going to affect businesses wit low productivity count,  to so many people these has been same promises made in the past but still has seen no permanent solutions to them.

But Ghanaians can only sit. observe and wait patiently as the twelve days count begins with eager anticipation of a good success at the end of the fix which everyone hopes will be the end of the nightmare called Dumsor which to most people had returned from the previous Government, the New Democratic Congress rule.

Source African Post – by Gifty Amoateng


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