Ghanaians can now buy electricity from their smart phones

Kane Mani

Since the introduction of prepaid electricity metres by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), some years back, Ghanaians have had to live with the nightmare of joining long snaking queues wasting hours just to buy electricity power for their homes and workplaces.

This worsens at the end of each month when all vendors are drowned in a pool of consumers trying to get electricity power for use.

As a result, children are usually sent on errands after school to purchase electricity power, losing hours meant for homework and studies.

Kane Mani a technologist and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Origgin, a technology company in Ghana wondered why people have to go through this hustle to buy electricity in an era where technology and innovation abounds.

He sought to develop a solution to remedy the situation and has developed software called E-prepaid which will allow users to buy electricity on their Smartphones.

“I developed E-prepaid because I got tired of the long queues and driving to point of sales. I said to myself I am a technologist, I should create a more convenient way to access electricity. Then I realized others had the same problem so I rallied my team and we got to work.”

The E-prepaid is expected to be launched this month and when it is out, long hours in queues and sleeping in darkness will be buried in the past.

The E-prepaid works with smart electricity metres and users would have to make purchase through mobile money platforms, VISA or MasterCard.

Mani dropped out of the university to start his technology company, Origgin at age 21. He has since created a lot of apps apart from E-prepaid which includes Waakye locator, an app that enables Waakye lovers to locate the best Waakye joints in the capital and Student which inculcates the habit of savings in students.

By Pamela Ofori-Boateng


  1. Interesting

  2. Big ups bro. The sky is the limit.

  3. love this.. tombs up bro

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  5. But the question is which smart prepayment meter? ECG has multiple smart prepayment meter that operate on varying technologies for recharge. Saying smart prepayment generically is deceptive since I am hundred per cent sure it’s not all smart prepaid meters that can be charged from your mobile application.

  6. ECG will also be releasing its official prepayment mobile application. Which one should we go for?

  7. Besides, how do you guarantee that your application is not fraudulent since it has nothing to do with ECG. Nevertheless, what happens when a customer has issues with your service, the customer can definitely not go to ECG. How do you resolve that?

  8. I could not buy the prepaid using your system and I called the support line and they told me that if I use card then is not possible for me to buy and there is nothing they can do for me.
    But I know prepaid cards also have an account attached to them so why that question?

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