The enemies of a people are those who keep them in ignorance - Thomas Sankara

Author: African Post

Kim Ung-Yong Got His PhD At The Age Of 8 But It Took Him 50 Years To Find Happiness In Life

What would you do if you were the most intelligent person on the planet? Maybe become the best scientist in the world or mint millions of dollars trading in the stock market. Or maybe write a great novel or come up with a cure for AIDS and cancer. There are so many things you can do when you are the most intelligent man in the world, right? But the chances are, you would never have a choice to do anything, as Kim Ung-Yong found out the hard way. Kim was exceptionally intelligent. He started talking when he was just 4 months old....

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Londoner Opens Library In Ghana With Focus On Black Writers

With continuing library closures across the UK, one Londoner’s experience abroad highlights the importance of these endangered and much-loved institutions IN 2017, Sylvia Arthur packed up her belongings, including what remained of her personal library, and left London for Accra, the capital of Ghana, her parent’s home country. Driven out of the UK by the prohibitive cost of living and hostile political environment, she sought peace in West Africa. Part of feeling at home in Ghana was down to the fact that her complete collection of books, over 1,300 works collected over two decades predominantly by writers of African...

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Meet Audrey Maame Esi Swatson – Ghana’s youngest female pilot

At a very tender age, she already wanted to do something that will make her stand out. She grew up wanting to be an athlete. Almost everyone in her class wanted to be either a lawyer or a doctor, but she settled on piloting to differentiate her from many of her classmates. It was a fun dream for her at the initial stages.“In the beginning, it was just saying something big close to being a doctor or a lawyer. I was nine years old and in class four, and there is this frequent question society would always want to...

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The Kenyans who earn $100 a month picking Valentine’s Day flowers

Kenya is Africa’s largest flower exporter but thousands of farm workers struggle to sustain their families.   Naivasha, Kenya – Joyce Iminza steps down from an old, white bus and boards a motorcycle taxi in Naivasha, a flower-rich town about 100km northwest of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “Take me to my house. My kids are on their way home from school and I need to prepare dinner for them,” she tells the driver as she climbs up to sit behind him.    In six minutes, she arrives at her one-bedroom rented house and starts cooking. The 36-year-old has been working in...

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Rwanda’s first female neurosurgeon urges girls to embrace science

Dr Karekezi completed high school in 2001 and from 2002, she spent six years in a medical school at then Université Nationale du Rwanda. When asked if it was that easy to make a decision of joining the science world, and neurosurgery in particular, Dr Claire Karekezi replied “no”, but she immediately added: “But it was my passion, I knew I wanted to do it”. The first and only female neurosurgeon in Rwanda, Karekezi called upon young women to step out of fear and take on science. She said the girls can make it with passion and perseverance. She...

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