Inside The Cove 117, a modern day restaurant and Lounge,

THE COVE 117 restaurant and lounge

every Saturday in the calm night of the capital city, Accra, is the host, Akwasi Edward Ampofo Agyei, known by his artist name as Akwasi Tymer. Akwasi Tymer emcee’s  for the night on his promising show Saturday Night Live (SNL) ;

Akwasi Tymer Emcee’s every Saturday night inside The Cove 117

a show that seeks to give new budding African artists in Ghana a platform to showcase their natural talents, with a focus on Poetry, Music and Comedy which are core art values that drive African entertainment industry.

To new budding talents in Africa, there are barriers to where to find an audience to showcase their gifts which often discourage most artists and continuously label them underground artists for decades, exclusive of all the other rules and payments to getting ones content out there. But Akwasi Tymer has decided to change the norm by creating his own platform free of charge to these artists.

Akwasi Tymer is professionally a Marketer, Event Organizer, Creative Director, Rapper, Poet, and also into various writing services and a producer. According to him, the idea of SNL had been there for a long time, which is a reflection of him back in his university days where he would freestyle with friends under labels like acoustic night, heeding to family and friends in creating a creative hub/platform for these new talents. Through that he got THE COVE 117 on board.

He wants to help upcoming artists who to him are equally as good as the mainstream artists he had worked with. He believes that with a little push they could be great.

Artist EN ZYM a new budding Rapper hosted by Akwasi Tymer
ESINAM a budding new Poet

Probing into what he is looking to achieve, he said “I want to see all the musicians, poets, and comedians achieve everything great they want with their art”. To him, the future is bright with SNL as he hopes to run production in all the regions simply because there are talents everywhere. SNL is pushing forward from Accra where it is currently running to Kumasi which begins in May 2019. His favorite quote “Tough times don’t last” keeps him pushing to do more. In recent times since the beginning of his SNL show, he has hosted these amazing and budding new talents and many more others.

DAYZ MORGAN a musician
TUTU MARVEN a comedian

Akwasi Tymer is investing his resources with the help of THE COVE 117, and is welcome to any form of partnerships. There is hope for budding new artists with the rise of SNL as its audience keeps increasing. To these artists it is a great opportunity to create impact in their own world, in Ghana and beyond with their talents without the fear of never being known.


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